We are an artificial intelligence development company.

We love challenges that involve creativity and emerging technologies! As an innovative AI development company, we combine strong technical abilities and strategic vision. We start the job with your business analysis which helps us get to know each other better and, therefore, deliver a profitable tech product. Our Agile development process is perfect for your needs.

How can we help you?

At nexocode, we believe that machine learning can help us design and develop intelligent products, services, and systems that will improve people’s everyday lives. We are here to take your business to the next level with professional software development services. With our machine-learning developers, MLOps, and project managers skilled in AI projects, you can confidently achieve successful results with digital transformation. Our offer includes advanced AI development services for every need and phase of the AI lifecycle.

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transform your business with AI design sprint icon

Start Digital Transformation with AI

Identify AI opportunities and use them to build resilience and business results. We organize AI Design Sprint workshops where you can unleash the artificial intelligence potential and create new value for your business. We will show you how to benefit from artificial intelligence by focusing on people . AI Design Sprint is a low-investment kickstart that will uncover solutions that will increase revenues and profits, improve user experience, and much more in just two days.

Proof of AI development icon

Proof of AI Development

Progress from the AI Design Sprint towards your first deployment with Proof of AI development. Nexocode will develop a competitive AI-based solution that meets your company's requirements, covers your business needs, and collects and analyzes feedback from testers. The MVP version of your artificial intelligence solution guarantees a much reduced risk of failure, as it only takes a couple of weeks to develop. Still, you can quickly observe what AI brings and decide whether to follow up with further investment and define your next key goal.

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Data Quality Audit

Nexocode offers professional data science analysis for your model proposal.

Information provides a competitive business advantage. Nexocode offers professional data science analysis for your proposed model. We will suggest a data collection strategy that will improve the accuracy of your model and provide better value for your company. With your data house in order and a clear process for data management, you will be able to shape your data into a true business asset and supercharge your analytics.

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Building Data Systems and Pipelines

Deploy your AI models smoothly and get the most value from them with automated, scalable, and durable storage and workflows.

Unlock the value of data with a clear strategy, process, and technology that supports it. Our developers will show you the importance of data supply chain elements when working with AI. Nexocode will not only support you with software development services but also apply professional machine learning operations. The practices we apply will guarantee that you can reliably build and operate a scalable artificial intelligence solution.

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Custom AI Development Services

If your goal is to implement your own dedicated AI solution linked to your other.

If your goal is to implement your own dedicated AI solution linked to other services and products, nexocode is the company to choose. With our computer vision solutions and natural language processing, you can rely on nexocode's AI team comprising data scientists, ML experts, MLOps professionals, and software engineers. Our project AI-experienced managers will lead the implementation in an Agile way.

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Machine Learning Consulting

The team at nexocode reviews your problem and provides consultations.

With vast expertise with implementing AI solutions, the team at nexocode will review your requirements and consult on further steps to achieve your business goal with impact. We will help you grow beyond the proof of concept stage and assist you to implement a scalable AI solution.

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designing artificial intelligence solutions with AI Design Sprints
AI Design Sprint

Explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence and transform your business.

With two days of intensive work, your team, together with our AI Engineers and Design Facilitators, identifies AI solutions' potential to create new ideas and visions for your company.

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Where can
we apply AI
for you?

Artificial Intelligence has replaced digital transformation at the top of most CEO's agendas. But, like any technology, AI is an enabler that can have either negative or positive effects, depending on how it is applied. Businesses that elect to integrate artificial intelligence technology into their organizations, will benefit from AI's truly transformative potential.

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Nexocode will navigate you through processes and applications including data science, deep learning techniques, and neural networks. Our AI consulting and machine learning solutions will empower you to obtain the following:

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Automate and cut costs

Achieve operational efficiency by leveraging artificial intelligence technology with automated steps and streamlined processes. Productivity, reliability, and efficiency can be improved by using deep learning techniques

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Better decision making through Data Science

The transformation of data into actionable intelligence that informs strategic and tactical business decisions. With us, you can leverage big data analytics or predictive analytics to improve your product or service. Exploit vast amounts of information to enhance business processes, optimize the workforce & deliver strategic growth.

AI-driven computer vision and voice recognition software illustration

Make your system see things

We develop computer-vision systems for image and video recognition and analysis. With neural networks technology, we can train a system to identify objects, people, gestures, or image motion in order to develop unique value applications.

enriching interactions with chatbots and NLP services illustration

Customer Experience on steroids

Build natural interactions with your users using natural language processing techniques. Improve user experience while cutting costs. With AI automation and chatbots, you can be available to your customers’ needs 24/7. Applications with conversational interfaces can reduce and augment the use of human resources, while increasing customer engagement.

personalization and recommender systems illustration

Recommend with confidence

Anticipate user behavior to create a personalized customer experience with machine learning. Recommender systems can boost your revenue in retail and e-commerce or streamline experiences with personalized filtering options. With deep personalization, you could take your campaign to the next level and enhance your business profile and brand.

A development process that brings AI results in weeks, not years


2 hours

Explain your business and share your pain points to gain insights into AI capabilities and an approach designed by our nexocode experts.

AI Design

2 days

Identify a high-impact business problem and collaborate with nexocode experts to propose an AI solution.

Proof of AI

4 – 12 weeks

Rapidly build an AI model that solves your problem and subsequently test machine learning algorithms on your datasets.

AI Application Deployment
in Production

3 – 9 months

Build automated pipelines, scale, and deploy your artificial intelligence app into production. Adjust algorithms to meet your desired benchmarks.

Our latest projects

Insurance Sector

Auto Insurance Fraud Claim Detection

Developing an AI model that can detect car insurance fraud based on car accident claims?
Challenge Accepted!

Fraud Detection Predictive Modeling

Fintech Sector

Loan Application Fraud Detection

Developing a model that can identify fraudulent loan applications for a financial institution?
Challenge Accepted!

Fraud Detection Predictive Modeling

Fintech Sector

Predicting Bank Loan Defaults for Profit Maximization

Developing an AI model for loan default prediction and using it to increase bank profits?
Challenge Accepted!

Predictive Modeling

See more projects

Who are we?

We are a tight-knit team of top talent developers and designers focused on creating innovative business solutions that focus on artificial intelligence. We work in self-organized, Agile teams that can develop custom AI solutions. Our teams support you in strategy and product vision, AI software development, DevOps, and UX/UI design. Great communication is the key to success. Thanks to iterative product building and direct contact with the team, you'll always be well informed about our work.

As active experts in our professional communities, we contribute to open source projects, speak at major events, and love taking part in hackathons.

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Implementing AI across industries

With our strong understanding of AI & ML, we develop applications for numerous industries and sectors, including legal, logistics, healthcare, and fintech, that can be implemented around the world. Find out how you could use AI for business outcomes.

Healthcare and Pharma

Make the most of your datasets to improve your R&D efforts, improve the quality of therapy and care and prevent operational risks.
  • Process automation
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Predictive analytics
  • Computer vision for life-sciences and healthcare
  • Extract and analyze medical reports
  • Improved R&D research
  • Risk mitigation

Logistics and Manufacturing

Automate costly back-office operations and target optimization in your inventory, maintenance, and supply chain.
  • Process automation
  • Predictive analytics and maintenance
  • Churn prediction
  • Smart supply chain management
  • Decision support system
  • Malfunction detection
  • Computer vision services

Sales and Marketing

We will lead your sales and marketing efforts with AI to maximize customer acquisition, retention, and relevance of your brand campaigns.
  • Personalization and recommender systems
  • Smart cross-selling and upselling
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer behavior analytics
  • Sales and demand forecasting
  • Sentiment analysis for services and brands
  • Computer vision for product marking and recommendations

Legal and Insurance

Automate processes with NLP, detect fraud, and accelerate claims processing by managing legal information's scale and complexity.
  • Natural language processing for documents
  • Predict risk exposure
  • Automate claims verification
  • Fraud detection
  • Increase operational capacity
  • Knowledge management

Energy and Utilities

Streamline data-driven strategies and operations to enrich customer interactions and develop future strategy.
  • Operational forecasting
  • Cognitive assistants for clients
  • Uncover insights with neural networks
  • Liabilities and malfunction detection
  • Operational risk management
  • Intelligent trading


Make smart choices without the fear of uncertainty, detect liabilities beforehand and invest capital more efficiently.
  • Credit risk scoring for clients
  • Fraud detection
  • Theft and misuse detection
  • Price optimization
  • Biometric identification
  • Predictive analytics
  • Smart trading
Make the most of your datasets to improve your R&D efforts, improve the quality of therapy and care and prevent operational risks.
  • Process automation
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Predictive analytics
  • Computer vision for life-sciences and healthcare
  • Extract and analyze medical reports
  • Improved R&D research
  • Risk mitigation

Success stories

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Piotr Masiak

The support we received from nexocode team was top-notch. They went above and beyond to assist us at every step, providing valuable insights and guidance whenever needed. Their expertise and dedication were evident, and it significantly contributed to the successful outcome of our project.

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Dawid Ostrowski

The software development significantly improved the onboarding processes and ensured that around 10 times more applications could be processed weekly. Users found the solution easy to use and provided positive feedback. The team communicated well and worked efficiently in the Agile environment.

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Emmanuel Lavoie

Nexocode writes strong, clean code while maintaining excellent communication. They’re one of the best development partners for a travel company. The team promptly responded to communications despite a marked time zone difference. Daily project management calls thoroughly organized the workflow.

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