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Take an insider's look into nexocode organization culture and our path towards the teal structure. We're committed to fostering growth and open communication with all employees so that everyone feels like they belong and can thrive in their work environment.

We all want to work with people without any barriers and have an opportunity for success. But what does it really mean for the organization's culture? 

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Employment Type

B2B Invoice

Salary (B2B)

22 000 - 35 000 PLN + VAT

Salary (Permament)


Project Team Size


full time

Office Hours


Remote Possible

full time

Your Key Skills

At least a Master’s degree in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) or a similarly quantitative field.

3+ years experience, or a comparable industry career, with machine learning, data mining, or statistical modeling.

Working knowledge of Python and the PyData stack or other numerical programming languages.

Theoretical background on at least a few among high-dimensional classifiers, regression models, clustering algorithms, recommender systems, time-series analysis, Bayesian inference, text analytics, knowledge graphs, representation learning (embeddings), computer vision, or social network analysis.

Experience analyzing massive datasets on a distributed cluster of machines (map/reduce or other parallel computing frameworks)

Ability to prototype and test suboptimal solutions quickly and iterate up to a final product that can be deployed in production

A scientific mentality with the ability to ask the right questions, as well as answer them

Ability to break research down into clearly defined tasks and quick iterations

Team player attitude and clear communications skills

Familiarity with agile development and lean principles

Fluency in English


Implement novel techniques of language understanding, CV, etc.

Explore and analyze multi-dimensional and unstructured data to find patterns and relationships

Work with fellow engineers to integrate models and algorithms with the more extensive system

Effective communication of results and storytelling with the data

Communicating with customers to gather requirements

Sharing knowledge about the challenges and solutions encountered

Big +

Fluency in some of the data analysis and visualization tools such as pandas, dask, vaex, matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, dash, bokeh, shap, streamlit.

Fluency in some of the data engineering technologies such as Spark, DataBricks, Glue, EMR, Docker, Kubernetes, SQL, key-value stores, Redshift, Snowflake.

Fluency in some of the ML technologies such as AWS SageMaker, Tensorflow Extended, PyTorch, Spark ML, scikit-learn, XGBoost, KubeFlow, MLFlow, or related frameworks.

Being active in the community (self-development, GitHub projects, blog posts, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Perks & Benefits

New Horizons Programme
New Horizons Programme
24 paid days per year you can spend pursuing your own ideas and projects. With the support of your peer mentor.
Flexible Hours
Flexible Hours
For early birds and night owls. We trust you to know your schedule and work when you feel most productive.
Income from company profits
Income from company profits
We all work hard for the success of our company, therefore each team member has a share in nexocode’s monthly profits.
Private Healthcare
Private Healthcare
Your health and wellbeing is very important to us. So, we’ve got you covered with an extensive medical plan.
Fully Remote<
Fully Remote
You can work from Warsaw, Bali, Stockholm or your grandmother’s yard – wherever you feel best.
Office access 24/7<
Office access 24/7
If you prefer working from dedicated space, nexocode’s headquarters in Kraków are available to you at all times.

We believe in knowledge sharing

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Zero Legacy

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Follow our article series to get insight into our developers' current work and learn from their experience. Expect to see technical details, architecture discussions, reviews on libraries and tools we use, best practices on software quality, and maybe even some fail stories.

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