Employee Handbook

Here’s what you have to know about the way we do things at nexocode. This handbook was created to help you understand our approach, principles and office traditions. It also tells the story of our values and how they mirror every action we take. You can create/become the next chapter.

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Employment Type

B2B Invoice / Permament

Salary (B2B)

13 000 - 16 000 PLN + VAT

Salary (Permament)

10 000 - 12 500 PLN Gross

Project Team Size



full time

Office Hours


Remote Possible

full time

Your Key Skills

Deep understanding of JavaScript (design patterns, OOP, ES6, TypeScript)

Experience with Angular (latest stable version, currently we use v11)

Familiarity with JS libraries (RxJS, NGRX, lodash/underscore)

Familiarity with different CSS organization patterns and preprocessors

Knowledge of UI components libraries (ng-zorro, @angular/cdk)

Writing clean and readable code

Understanding of REST principles

Good communication and interpersonal skills

Ownership, openness and commitment

Good written and spoken English

Fluent Polish


Developing core features of modern web applications we build

Decide with the team how to approach new features

Working in a highly collaborative environment

Peer code reviews

Writing integration and end-to-end tests

Designing systems’ architecture

Working at your own pace do deliver well tested and high-quality software

Sharing knowledge about the challenges and solutions encountered

Big +

Experience with writing E2E tests (we use Cypress, Protractor)

Knowledge of PWA and Change Streams

Familiarity with Jest.js, ESlint and TSlint

Knowledge of Vue.js

Being active in the community ( self-development, GitHub projects, blog posts, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Perks & Benefits

New Horizons Programme
24 paid days per year you can spend pursuing your own ideas and projects. With the support of your peer mentor.
Flexible Hours
For early birds and night owls. We trust you to know your schedule and work when you feel most productive.
Income from company profits
We all work hard for the success of our company, therefore each team member has a share in nexocode’s monthly profits.
Private Healthcare
Your health and wellbeing is very important to us. So, we’ve got you covered with an extensive medical plan.
Fully Remote
You can work from Warsaw, Bali, Stockholm or your grandmother’s yard – wherever you feel best.
Office access 24/7
If you prefer working from dedicated space, nexocode’s headquarters in Kraków are available to you at all times.

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